Put your people at the heart of your Shared Purpose

Human capital is the collective knowledge, skills, capabilities, competencies, experience and other collaborative engagement behavioural attributes that people bring into their business role, to help the organisation achieve its desired business outcomes.


Behavioural scientists and organisational psychologists increasingly confirm the positive link between the ways in which we lead and manage our people and their capacity to drive high performance and create value for the business, the stakeholders and its customers.


But there is lot going on behind the scenes.

   The creation of a shared vision will inspire the creation of more inclusive business models, and give companies shaping the sharing economy a robust framework to better engage employees, customers, and partners.

Our thinking about the future of people management is shaped by the talent challenges, an ageing workforce, the rise of collaborative networks, the increase in worker mobility and the organisational and cultural issues emerging from business change.


We set out to capture ‘the People Function’ and ‘Empower the People Advantage’ of the future.


To grow awareness about the power of Shared Purpose and the potential of Collaborative Engagement as a better way to work and sustain growth, by enhancing their human potential and getting the best out of people.


Dr. Evan Damigo; PhD
President of The Future of Work Collaborative Engagement Institute (FWCI)

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Capture a vision of the workplace of the future

   Capture the trends and the people management challenges that will shape the work-life in tomorrow’s world.

   Research key Employment and  Business issues and the implications for leaders and managers.

   Understand the people challenges, explore how these issues might evolve and the implications this will have on the HR function and how organisations need to adapt to drive growth.