Connect the dots for a view of the bigger picture

‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.’


As part of our Shared Purpose Experiences, we have identified Collaborative Engagement as the driver for Next Generation Enterprise Growth.

Collaborative Engagement: To work jointly with our employees and external service providers and industry partners to extend our resources and capabilities by taking advantage of third-party infrastructures and assets, and by using better the knowledge, skills and experience of our joint teams to shape solutions and deliver an exceptional – in a more efficient and consistent manner – service, whilst seeking creative opportunities to improve and do things better together.

A major contributor to Building a Future-proof Business, by improving operational performance, increasing employee motivation, satisfaction and opening new avenues of growth.

    Collaborative Engagement is a Shared Purpose arrangement where both sides are putting something in and both are getting something out, that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Dr. Evan Damigo;PhD | President FWCI

The Cornerstone of the Future of Work

With Shared Purpose being the Cornerstone of the Future of Work, and the Most Powerful Engagement tool, we connect the dots across 2 frameworks:

  1. The Shared Purpose Lens in Reinventing your HR Function
  2. The Shared Purpose Lens in becoming a Next Generation Enterprise

The Shared Services ‘Extended Enterprise’.

The Collaborative Engagement is supported by:

   a new Collective Employment (Co-employment) Relationship, beyond the bounds of direct employment, that promotes employee health, wellbeing and lifestyle in and out of work

   a ‘Shared Services Extended Enterprise’ Platform for the management of employment-related tasks

Collaborative Engagement as a new shared purpose paradigm, and a growth accelerator for both employees and employers, forms the cornerstone for the FUTURE OF WORK.

A new shared purpose paradigm for understanding humans as workers and consumers, and an opportunity to enhance the ways our collaborative engagement community members work together to explore new possibilities, enhance their collective intelligence and ambitions, and set up corporate network connections to discover new market opportunities and make things happen.

Collaborative Engagement helps create shared purpose capacity in shaping a new employment relationship that focuses on the collective ambition and create an AMAZING PLACE to WORK.

To help reshape how employment relationships are nurtured, we provide insights on employment management topics to help improve best practice and expand our views of the possible beyond the boundaries of direct employment.