With backing from leading thinkers, a variety of research and intelligence sources, the Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTNs) generate actionable insights, tools and disseminate best practice solutions and new ways of how work gets done, that deliver sustainable growth in times of uncertainty.

The KTNs provide a platform for identifying key trends and the ways in which businesses can respond to them in order to remain agile, innovative and competitive to foster profitable growth.

   There are many differing views on what the future corporation will look like. The cyber technologist will say there is no need for permanent structures: the functional hierarchy will give way to flat, lean, central management and individuals will largely work from home or temporary offices. Progressively, employees will be less tied to a company because they will frequently be freelance specialists, raising issues of company loyalty, resource stability, security and, for the individual, increased dependence on his or her personal reputation. Scientists will say that, increasingly, functions requiring human interfaces will be replaced by robotics.

David Hawkins, Director of Operations ICW (Institute for Collaborative Working

Shared Purpose: The Big Picture

We explore the power of shared purpose in creating a better tomorrow than today. The sharing mindset and the collaborative economy. Collaborative engagement and co-employment as a new definition in the “sharing economy” space.

The Human Age

In organising for next generation enterprise growth, we explore how management affects organisational performance in what ManpowerGroup, calls the Human Age, with humans and machines working together, and where talent becomes the key differentiator for organisations, encompassing employee engagement, motivation, morale, commitment, work-life balance and their relationship with performance.

Strategy for Growth

We share strategy best practices for running successful operations, and we look into corporate governance, responsibility and sustainability.

The Skills Gap

We investigate the transition from education to employment, and the skills that organisations need now and in the future, and how they can be deployed.

And we make a case for education, organisational learning pathways, and skills training that deliver performance improvement.

Shifting our Thinking

We try to reimagine the innovation game, and explore ways to shift our thinking in reinventing business models, and the production processes to boost manufacturing productivity and operational efficiency, while enhancing safety and risk management.

And above all, we rethink the HR function, looking for ways in engaging the workforce for optimal performance, wellbeing & happiness.

Navigating the Digital Frontier

We share actionable insights on how to navigate the digital frontier in a networked world, and provide fertile ground for the application of business intelligence and analytics, and cognitive technology in HR and for serving the digital customer.

Leading & Empowering the People Advantage


As leadership moves away from a “hierarchical command and control” model to a more “flat, cultivate and collaborate” model, the way that leadership is thinking must change, too.

Building a Culture of Distinction

• The HR Key Identifies the ways in which businesses can respond to trends to remain dynamic, innovative and competitive.

• Building a Culture of Distinction: create a workplace where people have a real sense of connection and belonging.

Innovation & Creativity at Work

Reimagine the Innovation Game

Close the Innovation Gap to Unleash Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

The 4 Capabilities Leadership Framework
Leading & Managing People

The 4 Capabilities Leadership Framework – a powerful tool integrating the four critical components of leadership:

  • Sensemaking
  • Relating
  • Visioning
  • Inventing
A place that supports Engagement, Motivation and Growth
Creating a High Performing Workplace
  • Employee engagement, motivation, morale and commitment, and their relationship with performance, productivity and performance
  • Internal Communications and Voice of the Employee
Build on Shared Purpose

Feel, serve, care, appreciate and secure your employees interests

The Happiness Advantage in Work-Life
GREAT WORKPLACE: Engaging the Future Workforce for Optimal Performance, Wellbeing & Happiness
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Benefits Health –Wellbeing – Lifestyle
  • Happiness, Engagement & Job Satisfaction
  • Behavioural Management, Neuroscience and the Workplace

The Human Factor Potential

Education | Organisational Learning | Training & Skills

This section is aimed at helping schools and organisations to accelerate learning by enhancing their own processes of creating, transferring, and deploying knowledge.

We set to explore how to best reshape education, organisational learning, training and skills, and drive action, by disseminating analysis and insights.

The Human Factor Re-imagine Lab Initiative

Cognitive, behavioural, physiological, social, technological, developmental, affective, and motivational aspects of human capabilities, limitations and human performance.

Behavioural science and technology to enable organisations develop high-performing leaders.


   Technology advances in artificial intelligence, mobility and analytics demand a new set of organizational capabilities that will empower a more liquid, responsive and innovative workforce of the future.

Mary Lyons – Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Talent & Organization

The Future of Education

Education is key if we are to prepare students for the future world of work.

We need innovative places of learning that can provide the next generation with the skills of the future.

The results

Increased profits and a thriving and dedicated workforce


Shared Purpose Experiences 

The aim is to explore new, exciting ways we work and live, and how a sense of shared purpose can drive the world towards better business outcomes and more sustainable ways of living.

Deliver insights on co-creation, collaboration, co-employment, co-evolution, to accelerate change towards a better world and how shared purpose can help make this happen.

The Evolving Shared Consciousness

   Shared Purpose | A View of the Bigger Picture

The lens through which we see our world


Putting employees at the heart of purpose

Understanding and creating a shared culture, designing a work environment that engages people, and constructing a new model of leadership and career development.  


In building a future-proof business capable of fuelling growth and competitiveness, there are 3 critical areas to get right:

   link your operating model to your growth strategy and business model;

   create your people plan;

   use digital as fuel for growth.

To boost competitiveness, you need strategies that work today, but that also take a wider view and offer flexibility for the future.

Strategy, Operations & Growth

Running successful operations today means having a vision for tomorrow

Strategy and Operations along with People being a critical pillar of a strong operating model that supports growth, are part of the optimal performance equation.

And this calls for implementation of value-adding best practices that reduce risk and increase competitiveness, now and in the future.

This line of research, bridges organisational research and system dynamics thinking, by offering an integrated perspective on strategic management, and by combining strategy tools and dynamic frameworks. It also focuses on strategic, financial & operational riskmetrics analysis and implementation of consistent, systematic approaches to managing risks across business operations.

  • Strategy Dynamics, aids a practical understanding of leadership and change, by exploring and delivering effective strategies for restructuring.
  • Systems thinking analysis of a system, reveals how it works but synthetic thinking is required to explain why it works the way it does.

Systems thinking integrates the two.

The Digital Frontier

in a Networked World

The goal is to generate insights into the impact of digital technologies on business and society, and the increasing digital interconnection of people – and nearly 50 billion networked devices – anytime and anywhere.

Transitioning to digital

Provide actionable insights and fertile ground for rethinking business models, by taking into account the impact they have on the way we work and live, in identifying new market opportunities and competitive advantages enabled by crossing the digital frontier.

   Shift Thinking

Shift Thinking delivers insights on how to organise, engage, transform cultures and compete in the digital age.

·      Assimilation & Human Learning
·      Synthesising and Extending Best-of-Breed Human Behaviour Models
·      Cybersecurity Operations Training

   The Cognitive Business

The cognitive future will be humans and machines working together.
The section explores how the cognitive era is changing the way companies operate and innovate.

Cognitive technology that augments human expertise to unlock new strands of intelligence is emerging as a transformative new era of workplace enabler for companies to develop predictive insights and gain distinct competitive advantage.
Cognitive technologies that enhance and scale human expertise.

Managing the Value

of your Talent