Mobilising the workforce & the Future of Job Skills

With the rapid pace of technology, the role of small and medium enterprises as a major job creation and economic growth engine is changing,

   The Bersin by Deloitte Human Capital Trends report reveals that nearly every CEO and CHRO reports that their companies are not developing skills fast enough.


They are experiencing a ‘skills-gap’ lacking the digital skills that’ll drive new strategies.

What’s more, automation alters the composition of the constantly evolving skillsets, as machines handle many routine tasks previously done by people.

In The Future of Jobs Report released by the World Economic Forum, that researched the skills that will be needed in 2020, identified that creativity enables people to adapt to changes faster by taking advantage of using technology in new and innovative ways.

One thing that is standing out, is that skills that have human elements, ones which machines are not able to fully replicate (creativity, emotional intelligence), rise on the list of needed skills.


HR should have a deep understanding of the labour markets and workforces where their companies operate. To help create value by identifying new sources of talent in new markets.

Turn challenges into performance improvement and learning


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