The SHARED PURPOSE COMMUNITY membership programme


The SHARED PURPOSE COMMUNITY is the institute’s driving force for its membership programme.

It offers members willing to contribute to the collective success of the community, access to expertise and leading-edge thinking and research on people management.

A supportive community that by associating with peer colleagues and organisations, offers the opportunity to achieve more and ensure that the HR function has the influence that it deserves, and contribute to both the success of your organisation and to the development of the HR profession.

We ask our members to help shape the agenda, ensuring that our community is best served.

Join our SHARED PURPOSE COMMUNITY for more profitable outcomes.

Membership Advantages

Resources to keep you informed and help you make decisions



Bringing together knowledge and research is essential to ensuring that critical decisions are based on evidence.

Thought Leadership & Business Development


Promote thought leadership to your prospects and become recognised as an authority in your field, and win new business faster and more efficiently, beating your competitors.

Discounts for Members


Enjoy discounts at FWCI Institute conferences, events and advantageous member pricing for select publications and our educational activities and study support tools and online courses. Every event is a great opportunity to listen to experts in the field and share your views with other professionals.

Online access to professional resources of the Institute and our partners contributing to these publications, including: whitepapers, eBooks, case studies, videos, webinars and more.


Browse for reviews, articles, opinions and trends from leading experts and more FWCI publications.

Access to Central Hub


Central Hub is your source for HR Research, Trends, Best practices, Tools, Guides, Webinars – all geared towards giving you actionable insights and ideas you need to excel in the New Era of Workplace. Developed and delivered by top industry subject matter experts, our resources address the most pressing issues RECRUITERS, CANDIDATES AND EMPLOYERS face today.

Gets you up to speed, putting your decision-makers at the centre of your marketplace.


Given the regulatory complexities of recruiting and managing a contingent workforce, and the rapid evolution of technology and globalisation, agencies and end clients, re-evaluate the tools and the processes they use to source, attract and manage contractors so they can maximise productivity, while minimising compliance challenges and associated risks – regulatory, financial, operational, and reputational.


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